Grundy County Health Department

Flu Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

When can I get a flu shot?

We're doing walk-in flu shots daily, but we have to work around our other clinics so the times may vary. Call 660.359.4196 to check our hours.

Can I still download the paperwork in advance?

Sure. Click here.

Can you bill Medicare or Medicaid?

GCHD will bill Medicare and Medicaid for flu shots.

Can you bill my insurance?

This is new for us; we can bill Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, and UnitedHealthcare.

I don't have insurance, Medicare or Medicaid; how much is the shot?

If you are not covered by insurance, we request a donation. The injectable vaccine costs the Health Department $11 per dose; the flu mist costs $24 per dose.


Will you have flu mist nasal spray this year?

We're still waiting on our nasal spray shipment for private-pay clients. We have a limited number of doses available for uninsured and Medicaid-eligible customers. To learn more about the nasal spray version of the flu vaccine, visit the CDC LAIV (live attenuated influenza vaccine) page.

I've heard about the high-dose flu vaccine, do you have that?

The high-dose flu vaccine is manufactured by Sanofi Pasteur. The high-dose vaccine contains a higher dose of the flu antigen and is intended for people over age 65. The Grundy County Health Department does not offer the high-dose flu vaccine. The CDC and the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) does not recommend one vaccine over another. Visit the CDC High-Dose vaccine page to learn more.


What about H1N1, do I need that again?

The H1N1 flu strain is one of three included in this year's vaccine. For information about the flu strains included in the 2013-14 vaccine visit the CDC Influenza Vaccine page.


Will you give flu shots at my workplace?

The Grundy County Health Department gives flu shots at several area businesses. To be eligible, your work site must have ordered vaccine last spring. If you would like us to include your business in our business flu program in 2014, please contact us at 660.359.4196 or


Who should get the flu shot this year?

The recommendations for 2013 remain unchanged from last year, the Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices (ACIP) recommends a flu shot for everyone over the age of six months.


Who is considered high-risk for complications of the flu?

  • People OVER age 65 or UNDER age 5
  • Pregnant women
  • People with asthma or diabetes
  • People with heart or lung disease
  • People with neurological disorders
  • People with liver disorders
  • For a complete listing, visit the CDC High Risk page.


Are there people that should not take a flu shot?

You should NOT take a flu shot if you are:

  • Under 6 months old,
  • Are allergic to eggs,
  • Have been diagnosed with Guillian-Barre,
  • Have had problems with the flu shot before.


I'm pregnant, can I take a flu shot?

Yes! Pregnant women are considered high risk for complications from the flu and should get a flu shot. A special preservative-free version of the vaccine is formulated for pregnant women. Visit the CDC Pregnant Women page to learn more.


Does my child have to get two doses?

Children under age 9 that have NEVER had a flu shot require two doses that are 30 days apart. If your child had a flu shot last year or is age nine or older they will not need two doses.


I have a three month old baby, he's at high risk but cannot take the shot, what can I do to protect him?

The best protection for a child younger than six months is for all of his household contacts to be vaccinated. Visit the CDC Infant Caregiver page.


I'm over 65, can I get a pneumonia shot?

The Grundy County Health Department has pneumonia shots available. Call 660.359.4196 to schedule an appointment for a pneumonia shot. Click here for more information about adult pneumonia vaccination.


My question isn't answered here!

Call the Grundy County Health Department at 660.359.4196 or email us at